Hutchings Motor Cycles

7 South Street
Kent CT14 7AW edit business info

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Tel: 01304 364945
Fax: 01304 364945
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  • Paul G.'s Photo

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    11th July, 2013
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    Called up about getting one wheel bearing removed, was told they don't know the cost depends how easy it is to get out, asked for a rough idea I was told "that's like asking how long a piece of string is"...

    Got a train down took it in and told to come back in approx. 2 hours

    Came back later to be told he can't do it as someone's borrowed his bearing puller and it'll have to stay there the night to which I told him it cant as I have things to do and I need it, he then said "I don't have a magic wand" I had phoned an hour before I came in to check everything was ok and yet he left it over an hour after my arrival before telling me he has no bearing puller!

    After smashing the inside of the bearing out, he decided it was time to basically throw my wheel at me and told me to go and not come back. Got home to realise he hadn't given me my spacer back either, called up and was told he was on his own so I now have to get back on a train to go get the spacer.

    I would not recommend this business to a friend

    Value for money
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